I am having difficulty closing my TentBox Cargo, what do you suggest?

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Our advice for closing your TentBox Cargo

The TentBox Cargo closing buckles are designed to be fairly tight to close, this is important as it ensures a good seal around the TentBox. Over time (a few months), the rubber seal softens up which makes it significantly easier to close, however, if you are still struggling keep reading for our top tips.

Common causes and our tips

  • Over-tightening the latch

    We often notice that people over-tighten the latch (the part that the buckle hooks onto). If the latch is too tight, it causes the sides to pinch on the buckle, making it difficult to close.

    This latch should be loose so that it can spin around on itself. The spinning latch removes the friction and allows it to close easier.

  • Attach the latch and buckle before securing it

    The latch and the buckle actually have a bit of up and down movement in the channels where they're attached.

    In order to make the buckle easier to close, it is important to ensure the two parts (latch and buckle) are as close to each other as possible.

    One easy way to bring them closer together is to close the buckle onto the latch first, and then tighten the allen keys on the buckle afterwards. This forces the two parts together before you tighten them in place in the channel.

  • Placement of the buckle

    If you are having difficulties closing the TentBox, try putting the closing buckles on the long sides of the TentBox, as opposed to the short ends of the TentBox.

    You should put one buckle on the right-hand side and one buckle on the left hand side. The closer you move the buckles towards the front of the TentBox, the easier it is to close.

  • Ensure the fabric is tucked in

    When closing your TentBox, ensure that the fabric is properly tucked in all the way around, particularly towards the hinges.

    It is easy to get a small little fold that you can't see caught under the rubber seal, which makes a big difference as to how much the rear side closes down.

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