How much space does a TentBox Lite roof tent have?

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TentBox Lite roof tent dimensions

TentBox Lite Dimensions:

Closed size: 120cm x 140cm x 25cm

The TentBox Lite is our most compact and lightweight model. It's perfect for smaller vehicles, as the TentBox folds down to half its size when its packed down on your roof.

Open size: 240cm x 140cm x 112cm

Once opened, the TentBox Lite boasts a height of 112cm and doubles in length, giving you plenty of space to settle down for the night.

Mattress size: 240cm x 140cm

The compact TentBox Lite does not compromise on sleeping space, as the mattress included fills the entire footprint of the TentBox. There's plenty of space for two adults and your overnight essentials!

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