Why choose a TentBox roof tent?

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The benefits of choosing a TentBox roof tent

TentBox is the longest-operating roof tent brand in the UK market, we've spent the past 5 years perfecting our products, community opportunities and customer service.

Just remember, with TentBox you are buying quality and experience that lasts. You are joining part of a growing community, with a team that's always ready to help you out!

Our brand

Whilst travelling around France in 2014, brothers Ollie and Neill discovered roof top tents and dreamed of bringing a high-quality version to the masses. The TentBox journey began for them in 2015, where they started operations from their garage! As the company started to gain momentum in 2017, the operation was upscaled to the first warehouse.

TentBox is a brand that the entire team is incredibly passionate about, and we are excited to see what 2021 brings.

Our products

Our products have been tested, upgraded and improved over many years. We use the best quality materials, and have ironed out all issues with our products. Our product line is growing every year; we're releasing new accessories often, which are highly sought after by our amazing community. 

Why choose a TentBox roof tent

Materials used

  • Waterproof fabric - our 280gsm canvas fabrics have a 2000mm waterproof membrane, so water beads off, just like it would on a Gore-Tex Jacket.
  • Waterproof zips - ensuring our fabric is waterproof is one thing, but we also use a waterproof material for the zips, to keep any unwanted rain out.
  • Waterproof seams - for complete peace of mind, we heat-seal every seam with a waterproof silicone tape.
  • UV-resistance - our fabrics and outer shells are treated with anti-UV agents, which mean they are protected from being faded by the sun.
  • High quality metal - we use top grade stainless steel and aluminium to prevent premature rusting.
  • Gas struts - we have tested many different mechanisms, and have perfected the gas struts used in our TentBox models.
  • Finishing touches - we ensure that our products are finished off with well-printed logos, and we use a consistent colour palette across all our models. The finishing touches matter to us!

Our community

Our incredible TentBox community is growing every year, and it's an exciting thing to be part of.


We recommend checking out our community page on Facebook - it's a great place to discuss all things TentBox and adventure!! You may also want to look at our Instagram, full of amazing photos taken by members of our community!

Ambassador Scheme

TentBox Ambassadors are our troops on the ground. As existing TentBox owners, they spread their passion for the brand far and wide.

As well as embracing the TentBox lifestyle, they also run product demos from home and can be seen adventuring across the globe. To show our love and appreciation, TentBox HQ send a selection of goodies and rewards to all our Ambassadors.

If you would like to become a TentBox Ambassador, you must own one of our TentBox models. There will be a sign up link in your order confirmation email.

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