Which TentBox roof tent is best for me?

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Our short guide to helping you choose which TentBox roof tent model will work best for you, your vehicle and your lifestyle.

Deciding the Right Model for You

Working out which TentBox is the right fit will totally depend on your vehicle and lifestyle, as each model has its own unique features.

Once you've checked your Roof Load Limit, you may want to consider the following comparison:

  TentBox Lite TentBox Classic TentBox Cargo
Cost £1,250 £2,250 £2,750
Weight 50kg 64.5kg 64kg
Sleeping Space 240cm x 140cm 210cm x 125cm 215cm x 127cm
Closed Dimensions (cm) L140 x W120 x H25 L210 x W125 x H27 L215 x W127 x H16
Open Dimensions (cm) L240 x W140 x H112 L210 x W125 x H100 L215 x W127 x H150
Set-up Time 5 minutes 1 minute 1 minute
Frame Material Aluminium ABS and Aluminium Aluminium
Fabric 280gsm canvas 280gsm canvas 280gsm canvas
Internal Weight Limit 200kg 300kg 300kg
Installation Time A few things to install - 1 hour install time.  Ready out the box - 30 minutes install time.

A few things to install - 1 hour install time. 

Warranty 5 years (extended) 5 years (extended) 5 years (extended)
Unique Features
Most affordable model, lightweight and can fit on any car, small when closed, has a large skylight for camping underneath the stars!
Can store your bedding and ladder inside, winter insulation available, lots of internal storage, our most convenient and easy-to-use.
Can carry things on top, has a customisable accessory rail for different attachments, can access from sides or rear, lots of internal height, super slimline.

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