Where can I view a TentBox roof tent in person?

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How to view one of our TentBox roof tent models in person

We appreciate that a TentBox is a pretty hefty investment and know that many customers would get peace of mind if they saw a TentBox in person before making a commitment.


TentBox Ambassadors are our troops on the ground. As existing TentBox owners, they spread their passion for the brand far and wide.

As well as embracing the TentBox lifestyle, they also run product demos from home and can be seen adventuring across the globe.

To find your nearest ambassador, please follow this link.


Our select group of dealers will have the TentBox models on display in their store. They'll be able to show you the products in person, and can help you with the purchasing process if you choose to go ahead.

To find your nearest dealer or ambassador, please follow this link.

Please call ahead to arrange an appointment with Ambassadors or Dealers beforehand, to ensure they are available and have the TentBox model you would like to see. All contact details are on our website.

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