How waterproof is a TentBox roof tent?

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The waterproof properties of a TentBox roof tent

Waterproof materials

  • Waterproof fabric - our canvas fabrics have a 2000mm waterproof membrane, so water beads off, just like it would on a Gore-Tex Jacket. This also makes it super easy to wipe off and dry, as it doesn't soak into the canvas fabric.
  • Waterproof zips - they are used in all our models, as this is super important in ensuring your TentBox stays dry and comfortable.
  • Waterproof seams - Every seam is heat-sealed with a waterproof silicone tape. This provides ultimate protection from the rain

Re-coating the waterproof fabric

We would recommend re-coating the fabric every 12 months, to ensure leaks are avoided and your TentBox can remain dry. Our recommended product is the Fabsil canvas waterproofer, which can be found easily online or in DIY stores. 

We would really recommend checking out the Community Page on our website, as well as our growing TentBox Community Group on Facebook. You'll be able to read real stories of TentBox owners camping in extreme weather conditions. One member even took their TentBox to the Arctic Circle... in the middle of winter!

Check out this article on our website for further details.

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