Can I carry my Kayak/Canoe/Bike on a TentBox Cargo roof tent?

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Additional crossbar weight limit for the TentBox Cargo roof tent

Carrying Cargo on your TentBox Cargo

The TentBox Cargo is a great option for those in search of the ultimate adventure. The TentBox Cargo comes with additional roof bars, so it's perfect for your outdoor activities and hobbies, whether that's water sports, fishing or mountain biking!

The TentBox Cargo is built with honeycomb aluminium, and is incredibly strong and durable. The hydraulic rams are very powerful, so opening your TentBox with cargo on top is no problem.

Weight Limit of the TentBox Cargo cross bars

It's important to keep the maximum weight load of the additional cross bars on the TentBox Cargo in mind when loading up for your next trip:

  • When the unit is closed: 100kg limit
  • When the unit is open: 40kg limit

If you plan to use the TentBox Cargo to its full capacity of 100kg, it's very important to check that the roof load limit on your vehicle allows this. As a reminder, the TentBox Cargo weighs 64kg. 

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