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What to do if your TentBox arrives and the packaging is damaged

It is very unlikely that a product is damaged during transit, but it's very important to follow the below steps if you do notice any potential issues. We will get it resolved as soon as possible for you!

Unfortunately packaging can sometimes become damaged during transit by our 3rd party couriers. Although it is unlikely that the product is damaged it is always important to check as soon as possible (ideally before the driver leaves).

1. Check for damage

When your TentBox arrives, please check the packaging thoroughly on all sides to see if there are any dents, tears or other obvious damage to the packaging.

2. Take photos

If you notice the packaging is damaged, please take pictures of the damaged part of the packaging immediately.

Once you have taken pictures, please open the packaging with the driver present, and check the product inside (before the driver leaves) for any damages. If you notice any damages to the product itself please take pictures of the damage and refuse the delivery.

If the driver has already left, it is still important to take pictures of the damaged packaging, and any damage to the product, if there is any.

3. Contact us

Please contact us as soon as you are aware of any damage, and let us know if you managed to refuse the delivery or not. Also provide any other relevant information.

A member of our team will be on the case immediately and figure out the best way to rectify the issue.

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