Can I leave my TentBox roof tent on my car all year round?

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Keeping your TentBox roof tent on your vehicle all year round

In short, you can absolutely leave your TentBox on your vehicle all year round.

All our TentBox models are incredibly durable and waterproof, so you won't need to go through the process of uninstalling it after every use!

Check out these tips for best practice when leaving a TentBox on your car for extended periods of time:

Security measures

Naturally, if you're planning to keep your TentBox on your vehicle permanently, it opens up the potential risk of theft. We do not want to worry you, but it's better to take precautionary measures to avoid this risk.

Check out our in-depth security solutions article

You may also want to check out this article about getting your TentBox insured, for extra peace of mind.

Waterproof material

All our TentBox models have a 280gsm canvas fabric with a waterproof membrane so the water can bead off.

We would recommend re-coating the fabric every 12 months, to ensure leaks are avoided and your TentBox can remain dry. Our recommended product is the Fabsil canvas waterproofer, which can be found easily online or in DIY stores.

Check out our in-depth article about the waterproof properties of our TentBox models.



Protecting your TentBox from the elements

Keeping your TentBox protected from the elements is useful if you plan toleave it on your vehicle all year round.

Model Protection

The TentBox Lite comes with a PVC cover included, which is necessary to put on when your TentBox Lite is closed up. The TentBox Lite has a soft-top, so it needs that extra protection. If for some reason you lose your first one, we have spares available on our website.


If you own the TentBox Classic and want to keep it looking newer for longer, you may want to purchase the protective cover, designed to look after the ABS shell and keep it safe from the elements. It's super easy to use, too!


The TentBox Cargo is built from incredibly strong and durable aluminium, and has stainless steel fixings; although we're hoping to develop a protective cover for this model soon, the TentBox Cargo is well-equipped to handle being on your vehicle permanently.

Avoiding mould

Another important thing to keep in mind when you're leaving your TentBox on your vehicle all year round is that you need to ensure the unit is dry before it's closed up to avoid mould growing. 

We have an in-depth article with our top tips to avoiding condensation and mould in your TentBox. It's definitely worth a read!

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