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Our guide to keeping your TentBox secure and safe from theft

We haven't had any reports of theft, or people opening TentBoxes whilst the owner is away from their vehicle.

However, we recommend the following solutions if it is something that concerns you. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

Locking your TentBox in a closed potion

 If you are concerned about keeping your TentBox locked in the closed position, the best bet is to use some lockable straps. These act like large bike locks, and can be wrapped over your TentBox to stop anyone from opening it.

Here's a brand we like!

Taking your ladder off while you sleep

For those worried about leaving their ladder down when they are in the TentBox sleeping, you may want to un-attach it and bring it into your sleeping set-up with you.

It is possible to do this with the TentBox Classic and the TentBox Cargo, as the ladder fixes to the TentBox easily and does not provide any support.

However, the TentBox Lite relies on the ladder for partial support, so it will need to be left down while you sleep. If you're worried, you can try using a simple padlock to close the zip.

Getting your TentBox insured

For further peace of mind, you may want to consider getting your TentBox insured. Insurance policies are case-by-case specific, and can be a little tricky to navigate. We've put together a few of our tips in this article.

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