EU deliveries post-Brexit

Relax, we will handle it. Everything you need to know about how European deliveries will be affected post-brexit.

Brexit has completely changed the way that goods are shipped between the UK and Europe. 

There is more paperwork, confusion at the ports, and confusion for businesses and customers.

But don't worry, we've been doing a lot of work to make sure we do it correctly, and that you won't be charged any extra in some rare cases, where charges get added, we will refund you 100% of the charges. 

Please note, deliveries from the UK to Europe are currently taking anywhere between 1 and 4 weeks. 

We are working our hardest to get things through as quickly as possible, but please be prepared for longer shipping times.

Will you have to pay extra fees and taxes for EU TentBox delivery?

No! You should not pay any extra charges. In some cases, authorities add charges for no clear reason - in these cases, we will reimburse you 100% of the charge, just send us the invoice from your government. 

TentBox has an EU registered tax number, which means when we ship TentBox units to Europe, we pay the additional taxes and fees, not our customers!

You may have heard stories from other people in Europe, about getting charged extra fees when items are delivered. This is because many companies in the UK are getting it wrong.

Delivery Methods Explained

There are two main types of delivery methods:

DDP (delivered, duty paid) - this means the seller pays for the shipping, the taxes and the charges. We use this method ✅

DAP (delivered at place) - this means the seller pays the shipping, but the customer pays the tax and charges. We do not use this method ❌

Why do I hear bad stories about other UK companies?

Many companies in the UK are sending goods incorrectly.

Other companies do this because:

  • They don't understand the new rules
  • They don't have EU tax numbers
  • They use the wrong shipping method

The TentBox EU Delivery Guarantee

We 100% guarantee that you will have no extra charges for your deliveries to Europe, other than the initial price you pay on our website. 

If for any reason the customs authority in your EU country decides to add charges, we will reimburse you 100% of the charges. Just send us a copy of the invoice. 

We have done many EU deliveries now, under the new rules, and know that our systems are correct, and working across Europe. 

We hope other companies in the UK will start getting it right in the next few months, to save the reputation of British business!